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New Apps

Earlier this week, we announced that a redesigned version of the LiveJournal app for Android has been released, the redesigned iOS app has undergone a major update, and that the older version of the app will be re-released soon as LiveJournal Classic. Check the full release notes out over here!

LiveJournal Video

We asked for your feedback a few weeks ago about a new video we made to help describe what LiveJournal is to people who might not be familiar with it. We've made a few minor adjustments to fix some typos/grammatical issues based on your feedback. The new version can be seen below, please feel free to help spread the word about LiveJournal and share the video with your friends!

New headquarters

Our main headquarters has moved! Don't worry, we're still located in San Francisco, we've just relocated into a bigger space to accommodate our growing team.

ONTD Lawsuit

As you may have seen, LiveJournal was sued by Mavrix, a photography agency who was the copyright holder of several images which had been posted to Oh No They Didn't! (ONTD). We are glad to report that the district court ruled in LiveJournal's favor. For those interested in reading the decision, it is available at http://www.scribd.com/doc/240594730/Mavrix-v-Livejournal-Summary-Judgment-Order.

The point we want to address today, however, is that during this process moderators & maintainers of ONTD felt harassed & threatened, and Mavrix attempted to force us to reveal their identities. It was our opinion that community moderators should not be forced to reveal their identities or be subjected to harassment for content posted by other members of that community. We take your privacy seriously here, tirelessly fought all requests for this information, and were not required to release any information about any member of LiveJournal as part of this lawsuit.

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On Thursday Nippon Connection started at my University. Nippon Connection is a japanese movie festival that's taking place every year in the middle of April. I tried Takoyaki there and it's sooooo delicious!!!!! I love it. Can't wait to go to Ôsaka next year^^
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Gestern stand ein Besuch im Europa-Park Rust an!!! Achterbahnfahren is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo genial, vor allem vorne in der ersten Reihe^^
Da kriegt man nen richtigen Adrenalin- und Geschwindigkeitskick^^ Und ich hab mich mal nen Tag von DBSK losreißen können^^

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